Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't let the title turn you off:

Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough by Lori Gottlieb

"Marry Him" is wonderful! My husband and I have been reading it aloud together. It's fast-paced, informative, surprising, funny, heartbreaking, and appeals to both men and women. I think that any woman age 18 to 45 would especially profit from it. If you have the time, I recommend reading it along with "Why He Didn't Call You Back" by Rachel Greenwald, which is really fun and will give you even more context for this book.

Why He Didn't Call You Back

Why He Didn't Call You Back: 1,000 Guys Reveal What They Really Thought About You After the First Date by Rachel Greenwald

Even though this book is geared toward single women in the dating world, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found some helpful tips for my own life. Fun, short, practical advice for any woman, especially if you're wondering how to better attract "the One."

PS This is NOT a "you can't get a man, you poor thing" book AT ALL. It just helps daters be more aware of the image they are presenting. After reading this, we see the negative things we accidentally may be conveying, and we learn practical ways to eradicate them. It's not about putting on a fake face, but about changing any accidental bad impressions.

Rolo truffles

My new favorite treat is the simplest thing on the planet: put some pretzels on a cookie sheet that's covered in tin foil. Put one rolo on each pretzel. Bake at 250 degrees for 4 min. Put 1/2 pecan on each rolo. Let cool, and serve. Voila! Delicious, dainty, and 5 minutes.